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    Together we’ll design your customized plant model

    EBSILON®Professional is a powerful planning and simulation tool. But it becomes second to none once your personal experience and expertise is integrated into the system. Our engineers work together with you to learn exactly what your unique model looks like. Contact us any time – or meet us in person at one of our technology and user events. That’s where plant operators come to exchange ideas, while we listen in and share our expertise. We also use the opportunity to give you a first look at our updates and innovations.

    What’s most important to us is to listen closely to you, get your feedback, and understand your requirements. Sometimes the solution is easy – other times it’s challenging. For example, the idea to calculate a lot of different operating sequence scenarios with only one click. Ultimately, we found it does take a few to get the job done.

    Training in EBSILON®Professional and our add-on modules is also an integral part of what we can offer you. But you decide where to begin. Our engineers offer everything from beginner to advance courses – and they’re standing by to serve you.



    This year for second time we will be offering our EBSILON training program in the English language.

    This year for third time we will be offering our EBSILON training program in the English language. All courses will take place online. As a video conferencing tool we will be using MS Teams.

    On both days the training sessions will start at 8:30 am and end around 1:00 pm (German time). There will be a 30-minute break at around 10:30 am. If the training schedule should not be convenient for you due to your local time, please suggest a different starting time (registration form). We will then try to find a more convenient solution for you.If less than 4 participants register for an event, we reserve the right to make organizational changes.

    To register, please use the appropriate form.

    Modeling of solar power plants with EBSILON®Professional

    Date 2024-04-24/25
    Registration deadline 2024-04-12
    Previous knowledge practical experience with EBSILON®Professional 
    Max. participants 10
    Participants fee 550,- € (plus VAT)

    The course focuses on the modeling of solar power plants using parabolic trough technology. The user is introduced to the modeling of a parabolic trough power plant step by step, with the technical background of the individual construction steps being discussed. The aim of this training course is to familiarize the user with the technical concepts and special features of solar heat and electricity generation taking into account meteorological conditions. The user is made familiar with the time series calculation and the modeling of heat storage systems.


    Date 2024-05-15/16
    Registration deadline 2024-04-26
    Previous knowledge practical experience with EBSILON®Professional 
    Max. participants 10
    Participants fee 550,- € (plus VAT)

    The course first introduces into using the actual "EbsScript" programming language. For this purpose, the syntax and the function library of EbsScript are discussed and simple EbsScripts are created. These EbsScripts are used to access the objects of a model and to carry out the simulation of the model. In addition, the creation of user-defined "macros", which are wrappers around the functionality of existing Ebsilon components, are discussed. With the help of "kernel scripting" user-defined components can be programmed, whereby it is necessary to program the complete physics of the component. Programming such kernel scripting is introduced using simple examples.

    The EbsOpen interface, which is also part of the EbsScript license, allows to start the Ebsilon application from another programming environment and to execute a simulation. A simple application will be created in Microsoft Visual Basic (or in Matlab or Python, depending on the preferences of the participants), which starts Ebsilon and executes a simulation. The Excel add-in supplied together with Ebsilon is also based on the EbsOpen interface, and a simple example is created in Excel to exchange data with Ebsilon and simulate a model.

    EBSILON User Days 2024

    Date 2024-09-30/2024-10-01
    Registration deadline 2024-05-10

    The energy world is changing steadily. This makes it particularly important for us to regularly discuss your personal challenges with you. We would like to accompany you on your journey through the energy transition and be your point of contact when it comes to planning, simulating and optimising energy facilities. With EBSILON®Professional, #TeamIqony has a tool in its portfolio that can actively support you in your day-to-day business and help you to ensure that your asset is well positioned for the energy world of tomorrow.