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  • Repowering and retrofitting – now by design

    Calculate just the right time with EBSILON®Professional

    EBSILON®Professional does more than simulate the integration of replacement parts in a cycle. It also reliably calculates the impact on wear and filth as a result of varying efficiency levels, environmental conditions, and load scenarios. Our flexible tool allows you to calculate the advantages of repowering or retrofitting a plant and when you should do it.

    The component and material data libraries include all standard working fluids found in power plants and energy systems, such as thermal oils and molten salt, water and steam, or ideal and real gases. Using the chemical composition, you can define user-specific fluids, and you can add fuels like coal, oil, and gas to the model that are compatible with the components and working fluids. EBSILON®Professional is also equipped with a detailed coal database listing chemical compositions and calorific values by source location.

    Handling thermodynamic materials

    Using NASA and NIST databases, including REFPROP, our material data libraries cover a broad spectrum. We even include the flue gases listed by FDBR as well as a mixture of various materials recognized by the international database of the National Institute of Standards and Technologies. Naturally we can also calculate basic media such as sugar solutions, saltwater, and ice.