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    EBSILON User Days 2024

    This year, we would like to hold the EBSILON User Days on 30 September and 1 October 2024 in Wiesbaden as an in-person event.

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    More Renewables with the EBSILON®Professional Release 16.0

    With the release 16.0, the components fuel cell, electrolysis cell, bulk material storage system, phase-change material storage system and biomass gasifier move in as new components. 

    Faster, more flexible, EBSILON®Professional

    Since Release 14 the calculation kernel has been completely converted from FORTRAN to C++ to allow to make expansions and fulfill your wishes fast and flexibly also in future.

    Faster, more flexible, EBSILON®Professional

    Since Release 14 the calculation kernel has been completely converted from FORTRAN to C++ to allow to make expansions and fulfill your wishes fast and flexibly also in future.

    The "PDF-Reader" for EBSILON models is available

    The EbsViewer shows you an EBSILON model with all profiles, specification values and results without the need of a valid EBSILON license. Simply execute the EbsViewer_Setup.exe and EbsViewer will be installed. No administrator rights are required.

    The best solutions begin with the best plans -Design and engineer your plants with EBSILON®Professional – the innovative, world-leading planning tool

    In the rapidly transforming energy sector, the keys to success are seizing opportunities and mastering challenges. Backed by our powerful technology built on years of data, we help you plan ahead and be ready for both.

    For nearly 30 years now, we have systematically developed and fine-tuned our proprietary tools. And that includes EBSILON®Professional – our planning and simulation system, which you can use to simulate any thermodynamic cycle process. The tool allows you to model your entire plant, which is a vital step to optimizing the performance of your complete operation.

    EBSILON®Professional reliably calculates the potential performance behavior and efficiency of a plant under the widest possible range of operating conditions. From your initial feasibility study right up to the detailed, final stages of plant design, the tool helps you make important decisions and navigate the complexities of the planning process. The algorithms are based on physical equations, polynomials and characteristic curves. And there are no limits to the modeling options. EBSILON®Professional works with conventional power plants, nuclear and solar power plants, desalination plants, fuel-cell applications, and user-specific processes.

    A one-of-a-kind planning tool with a host of benefits

    EBSILON®Professional is characterized by the universality of the approach and the convergence reliability of the algorithm solutions – and boosted by intelligent error analysis. The tool not only calculates system parameters with exceptional speed and reliability, it is also highly intuitive. This transparent structure along with numerous interfaces allow you to fully integrate the system into your company’s existing software infrastructure.

    With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more energy companies, engineering firms, and researchers put their trust in EBSILON®Professional. The tool is not only indispensable for planning, designing, and optimizing plants, you won’t find anything else like it. Iqony is the only company with such innovative software, which includes a host of features and comprehensive online support. And we don’t simply design and deliver the system, we also monitor and support it. Our engineering expertise and services are backed by 80 years of experience in the power plant business.

    Over 1.000 EBSILON®Professional licenses have now been sold and are being used in everything from solar power plants to research and teaching at universities.

    The features of EBSILON®Professional

    • Transparent and manageable analysis and results 
    • Intuitive modelling with a graphical user interface
    • Extensive component libraries
    • Extensive material data libraries (working fluids and fuels)
    • Intelligent error analysis and online support
    • Open software architecture and powerful interfaces
    • Multilingual user interfaces and documentation (German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese)
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