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    Set up any power plant with EBSILON®Professional

    You’re not just operating a power plant, you’re running a business. You have to increase and optimize your efficiency and availability in order to compete on this international playing field. Today’s power plants are increasingly complex webs of state-of-the-art technology. The software systems you use must be equally advanced. We’ve seen this in our own plants, which is why our IT engineers are always developing highly specialized solutions.

    We’re constantly reinventing ourselves, and have more than 250 patents to show for it. One of them is EBSILON®Professional. This high-precision tool can be used to plan and design any power plant running on fuels, such as coal, gas or oil, not to mention biomass sources or solar energy. Our series of SR applications offers central data management and performance monitoring solutions so that you can analyze real data from your plant operations in EBSILON®Professional.