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  • One language for automated calculations

    A convenient add-on to generate process data

    EbsScript is a fully integrated, PASCAL-based script language to automate calculations and all processes in EBSILON®Professional. You can also use it to program individual components. EbsScript provides access to all circuit data, external text and Excel files, and interfaces.

    The interfaces are used by our MS Excel add-on for EBSILON®Professional. This allows you to import or export simulation results, parameters, and characteristic curves for individual components and execute simulations direct from an Excel worksheet. You don’t even have to know how to use EBSILON®Professional. For instance, you can use this extremely useful add-on to easily begin calculating process data to be input into the plant model.  

    EbsScript offers the following features:

    • Easy-to-use editor with browser-based input
    • Compiler with syntax check
    • Integrated script management
    • Console window for process control and output
    • User-specific, programmable components (kernel scripting)
    • The ability to automatically execute case studies, optimizations, etc.