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  • An infinite level of detail

    Determining the probable optimal performance

    Power plant operators know the greatest challenge is increasing availability. The plant’s actual performance should be as close to optimal as possible. But what constitutes optimal performance? That question is nearly impossible to answer in exact figures. Too many factors play a role, including load, ambient air temperature, ambient air pressure, cooling water temperature, and gas quality, to name only a few.  

    But with EBSILON®Professional we can determine the probable optimum performance level. The thermodynamic model considers all variables while running real-time calculations. Trends are determined by comparing the actual measured values with the target values, which allows you to monitor and evaluate a performance indicator for a given period of time. This means you can plan ahead and reduce operating costs. That’s because EBSILON®Professional even detects small deviations between the model and your plant, such as filth, leaks, variations in performance, and changes to parameters. You have the opportunity to take action early, for example, by reducing temperatures or simply modifying maintenance instructions.

    Add online process monitoring with our SR::EPOS system

    Because the level of detail is nearly unlimited, EBSILON®Professional can be transformed from a pure analysis and planning tool to an online process monitoring System SR::EPOS. After the eight-to-nine-month on-site implementation phase, we remain at your side, even from afar. We monitor relationships between various relevant components both on-site and remotely and compare actual values with empirical data. If we uncover any abnormalities, we work with you to troubleshoot the problem. For example, simple configurations or changes to the control system are sometimes all you need to save fuel.

    EBSILON®Professional is packed with powerful interfaces that allow calculations to be used in other processes beyond plant engineering, such as power distribution or facility and fleet optimization. The tool’s exceptional speed and configuration allow it to run hundreds of thermodynamic modeling calculations in seconds together with our online optimization system SR::EPOS.